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Paramountdax Exchange — The first OTC (over-the-counter) crypto trading desk in Europe.

The present day exchanges provide the users with own benefits — each market maker has the possibility to choose the platform of his interest according to the available features and advantages. Among the main criteria of the traders and investors is the size of their profit. Most of the trading representatives want to obtain the daily bonuses and the high-level regular rewards. 
The exceptional conditions to the PRDX token holders were prepared by the ParamountDax exchange developers team.The innovative exchange ParamountDax has its own concept of the users rewarding — the main aspect of the profit providing is the daily profit charge to all trading platform participants. 
The daily profit in terms of 46% of the trading fees gained with the exchange activity will give the opportunity to force the liquidity and the demand on the PRDX token. The PRDX tokens will be bought from the market and redistributed back to all platform representatives.There is the raw of peculiarities the traders and investors should know, having become the PRDX holders. 
The ParamountDax exchange has different users’ levels that give the extra privileges to the participants during the process of the daily profit sharing. Let’s take a look at the main peculiarities of the distribution, daily profit sharing and abilities of the four performed ParamountDax exchange packages.

The daily profit charge special aspects

First, it is worth noticing that the daily profit charge is the rather rare capability for the traders — usually the exchanges offer per month reward or annual compensations only. The ParamountDax platform provides the PRDX holders with capability to get the profit in terms of the token bonuses each day.The size of the daily-profit reward equals to 46 % of the trading fees sum. All the supporters of the innovative exchange gain the opportunity to have the daily bonus. The charge is carried out in terms of the profit sharing between the PRDX token holders. The sum relies on the kind of package the user has. There are four levels to take into account — according to the ParamountDax distribution rules, the PRDX token holders all divide in 4 groups and get the different percentage.

The ParamountDax exchange packages — the review of the users’ level lines

From the very beginning of the participation on the cutting-edge exchange, the PRDX holders obtain the special status — the user level that equals to one of the performed line. The level line differs according to the PRDX amount the user holds. Even if the market maker has 1 PRDX coin, the user becomes the representative of the Silver Line of the ParamountDax exchange.The current statuses are assigned in order the whole daily profit sum could be divided among the market makers. 
The level line weighs with the size of the bonus the user could bank on. As many PRDX tokens the exchange participant holds, as much sharing profit he gets — it is the main rule of the ParamountDax platform.Let’s take a look at the peculiarities of each level line and the sharing profit percentage forming according to the type of the ParamountDax packages. As it was told before, there is four user statuses to count on — it is impossible to participate the trading platform without User Level. 

The ParamountDax exchange designates all users worldwide in such way:

  • The Silver Line group — it is useful to hold from 1 to 9999 PRDX to hit this level line;
  • The Gold Line group — the sum of PRDX in the users’ wallet of this category is from 10 thousand to 16 999;
  • The Platinum Line group — the user should obtain from 17 thousand of PRDX to 44 999 to become the representative of this rank;
  • The Black Line group — the category of the major PRDX holders, because such users have more than 45 thousand of the PRDX tokens on their balances.
The peculiarity of the ParamountDax distribution campaign relies on the cumulative percentage of the profit that the representatives of the Gold, Platinum and Black line are able count on. If the Silver Line users gain the fixed 25 % sharing profit, other market makers have the possibility to get the upper percentage as well. 

Take a look at the table with the percentage forming for the different level lines users.

To participate in the profit sharing daily program, it is necessary to own and hold the PRDX tokens during 24 hours in the wallet, as in minimum. In such case, the reward will be calculated this day and sent the next day to the user’s account.The ParamountDax exchange is named as the perspective trading platform by the international experts. 
ParamountDax is a revolutionary and regulated high-performance crypto trading exchange, allowing users to trade on the fiat and crypto currency markets, which has been fully developed from scratch. It aims to revolutionize cryptocurrency trading by serving as an ideal platform for crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat trading. It caters to the needs of the crypto community by offering an intuitive user interface, instant liquidity, multilingual and real-time customer support, and by enabling seamless, secure and risk-free trading opportunity at a minimal fee. Daily profit sharing give users the chance to earn up to 46% of what is made on the Exchange from a certain day, allowing more transparency between ParamountDax and its customers.The pre-SALE stage will begin in May 18th, but there is already a demo version of the exchange. You can see it and test the interface and features here: https://staging.paramountdax.com
ParamountDax offers modern trading tools for all users, regardless of their trading experience. Thanks to an intuitive interface, users can access a number of powerful functions with just one click.Our professional team has been studying the problems of modern cryptocurrency exchanges for a long time, and we have created the perfect environment for traders. 

Below are the details of selling PRDX tokens along with the minimum number of transactions.

1. Start Pre-Sales
May 18, 201911: 00 (UTC + 1)
2. ICO Soft Cap
$ 1,750,000
3. Participation

Public Sales

1. ICO Start
June 24, 2019.11: 00 (UTC + 1)
2. Close the ICO Center
$ 4,250,000
3. Standard Tokens

Private Sales

1. StartAugust 20, 201911: 00 (UTC + 1)
2. ICO Hard Cap$ 9,310,000
3. Decimal9
4. PRDX Token Supply100,000,000
5. 1 Price PRDX Token0.15 USD
6. Tokens for75,000,000


1. Minimum500 PRDX
2. Softcap$ 1,750,000
3. Middlecap$ 4,250,000
4, Hardcap$ 9,310,000

Token Distribution

2%: Reward Bonus
10%: Angel investor
65%: ICO Participants
23%: Team

Use of funds

22%: Initial Development Fee
12%: Liquidity Reserves
11%: Team and Advisory Board
33%: Marketing
22%: Emergency Reserve

Detailed information:

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