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Tycoon “ To Creating Your Freely Own Social Trading ”

Hello everyone,
before I review more about this one project, allow me to tell a little about the world of cryptocurrency travel to date. along with the increasing public knowledge about the world of cryptocurrency and knowing the importance of investing, a new project was born and came to meet the needs of the community. Because this project is a project that greatly protects the privacy of its users. So I introduced a new project, with the name Tycoon project. Since 2018 and almost everyone has heard the word Bitcoin from Blockchain or cryptocurrency, but how many people use this Blockchain technology to build solutions for business or personal use? Only a handful of people use the real power of blockchain solutions to build payment solutions or use Dapp for the purpose of developing their next business.
Well, reader, I will continue to discuss more fully about the project that I wrote.

By using a secure APL connection, traders can carry out trade and exchange activities according to what they want, because all trade transactions will be copied into the portfolio automatically and in real time, so they can make and determine the investments they want later. Because most of the existing platforms will not work in accordance with what is expected by traders, so the adoption and use of Retailers is very limited. And Tycoon is a trading platform created to give choices to all traders to have the choice to create their own social trade freely.
because of the large interest of the community to trade on Cryptocurrency, so a trading platform is needed that allows you to reduce risk and follow in the footsteps of successful traders. Therefore, trading on Cryptocurrency is much more profitable compared to traditional stock trading with currencies, because trading on Cryptocurrency anyone can trade and does not require traders to be experienced. Tycoon is a trading platform that offers an easy way, namely Only with using a cellphone and computer, you can already do this trade. With the adoption of a strong platform for professional traders, this will provide benefits for retail traders. Tycoon will provide opportunities for retail traders to lead to something important in trade that is to benefit and learn about profitable and professional trade, by building platforms taking into account Pro Traders. Because Tycoon is a Trading Platform designed to meet the needs of traders. By copying trade transactions carried out by professional traders with just a few clicks.

-Optimal Support From Traders,
With by using public methods and can be seen by other traders about the statistics applied, Tycoon is very concerned about the future of the traders. Because by implementing a transparent system, Tycoon provides optimal service to traders, so it will provide benefits to traders.
Here the traders are free to decide on the steps and make choices about pap which will be done later in the trade. Customers can subscribe to follow other traders with one click. if the followers are not satisfied with the results obtained during the subscription, then the followers are free to cancel the following. Because for traders who have registered at Formt Tycoon, are entitled to get the same service. Including services to get the latest information on the market today.
- Stop-Loss,
Stop-Loss aims to avoid losses among traders. Because stop-loss can be arranged by each trader individually, and stop-loss represents a security aspect that includes the initial capital issued by the traders. By using the Algorithm system, this stop-loss function is to decide whether the initial capital will be exchanged back to the base currency.









I say thank to you all, who have been willing to spend a little time to read my article. And there is no word more is must i say to all of you besides a thank you very much.
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