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VECTORIUM - Overcoming Problems Related to Increased Waste generation and Improper Waste Management

I'm bitcampaign, today I will discuss a crypto project called Vectorium, below I will give some more detailed explanations of the Vectorium project

What is the Vectorium Project?

Vectorium is a project that aims to overcome the problems associated with increased waste generation and improper waste management. This project introduces two different cryptocurrency - Vectorium Flash (PoW based) and Vectorium Plus (PoS based) and also advancing what is called a waste to coin (WtC) process.

This is an effort to generate electricity, as well as crypto currencies, from primary waste treatment or waste treatment to "crypto-mining fuel sources". In its own way, the WtC process is a type of energy and coin recovery. Most WtC processes tend to produce electricity and / or cryptocurrency through sublimation or even produce fuel commodities such as methanol, synthetic fuels, or methane.

What about the IEO Vectorium Plus?

Vectorium Plus is a green conversion coin based on blockchain technology that allows you to store a value amount. Enhanced with built in strong Proof Peg system. After 4 years, you can turn your coins into company equity.

What are the benefits of Vectorium Plus?

As explained above, Vectorium dividends amount to up to 20% of each income that will be generated from the Vectorium Islands Ecosystem in the previous year (if and when declared by BenediXit OU) in the form of VectoriumPlus. It is important to note that revenue per VectoriumPlus will increase because the total income, if any, in the Vector Islands Ecosystem increases, because the number of Vectorium + is limited. If Vectorium Islands Ecosystem's revenue grows over time, holders of Vectorium + will receive a larger distribution over time. Therefore, the potential for increased income over time provides the basis for an appreciation of potential value over time. For example if you have 10% of the total supply of VectoriumPlus, you have 10% of the Vectorium Islands.

  • Interest of up to 20% every year (wallet bonus)
  • Environment friendly (no high power usage) 
  • Values ​​are closely tied to the Consortium (Islands) Vectorium 
  • After 4 years, you will have a part of Vectorium Island.
What is the Vectorium Consortium (Island)?

The Vectorium Consortium is a place where collectivity can produce renewable energy and cryptocurrecy. These places produce power energy values ​​that combine wind, sun, and waste by good ecosystems that are governed by the blockchain and Artificial Intelligence based on the process of Waste into Coins.


From your house
Vectorium Flash can be mined as if accumulating electricity in a battery (possibly with a renewable source). Can be exchanged fully Flash Vectorium is exchanged through certified and trusted exchanges or partners in crypto or other fiat. Around the world!

The coin is burning
Coins can be burned and converted to energy credit coupons (paid within 12 months of request) or Vectorium +. Only by holding a coin Plus do you become the legal owner of a small part of the Vector Islands

Consortium (Islands)
Vectorium + sales allow the creation of Vector Islands where Waste and wind photovoltaic slats produce new Vectorium Flash and electricity!

Vectorium Plus Distribution

  • Pre-CGE and CGE Buyers (40%)
  • Reserves (40%)
  • Development Team and Founder (15%)
  • Advisory, Capitalraising Costs, Initial Marketing (5%)

  • September 2018 - Idea Vectorium
  • November 2018 - KickStart
  • December 2018 - Analysis and Coding
  • January 2019 - Patent and WhitePaper
  • February 2019 - Design of Container Miners
  • February 2019 - Team Completed
  • February 2019 - 3D Model Vector Islands
  • March 2019 - Institutional meeting
  • March 2019 - Vectorium Consortium (3+)
  • March 2019 - Blockchain Completed
  • April 2019 - Wallets, the Web and Miners
  • May 2019 - Fundraising
  • July 2019 - Vectorium is listed on the Exchange
  • August 2019 - First Vectorium Island Project Delivered
  • September 2019 - Formation of the Vectorium Consortium
  • December 2019 - First Vectorium Ecosystem
  • March 2020 - First Vectorium Island Initialized
  • June 2020 Capitalization of the structure of Vectorium Equities
  • September 2020 - First 5 Islands Completed
  • December 2020 - First 15 Islands Completed
  • 2022 - 100 Vectorium Islands Completed
  • 2024 - 300 Vectorium Islands Completed

Enea Benedetto - CEO & Founder
Andres Palacio Restrepo - The leader of energy-technology
Michele Sburlino - CTO and Head of Project Development
Mario Open - Blockchain Intellectual Property
Nicola Bertelli - Blockchain Dev
Monica Milone - Main Energy Strategy
Lorenzo Anania - Head of Energy Engineering
Cleo Rea - Customer Advisory Specialist
Pietro Farese - Head of Finance
Oksana belousova - Marketing Advisor
Flavio Gioia - Legal Counsel
Gerjon Hodaj - Social Media Manager
Roberto D'Addario - Advisor
Deepanshu Bhatt - Counselor

Partners and Collaborators

This is all my writing this time about the Vectorium project, I hope it is useful for those of you who want to get to know about this project, for more detailed information about the Vectorium project you can visit the link below

Author: KanekiKov
My ETH: 0xACE2d47039C296a158e6EE1827300e6B098B9B0B

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