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2Local -stands for global sustainability and prosperity


The ultimate goal of 2Local is to let businesses and consumers participate wherever possible in the world. At present,there are opportunities for utility tokens on the American market that will be seriously investigated. 2local also wants to provide a solution to the 1.8B people who currently do not use a bank. However, 2Local do not want people to lose value,value withdrawal is done by banks and tokens such as Libra. Sustainable companies are the target audience of our marketing efforts.Setting up campaigns with these sustainable companies must become a joint action. That way,consumers see the direct benefit of joining 2local. A $2.50 SMS payment must ensure that people can easily participate.
Achieving sustainability and prosperity demands a transformation process. We must move from competition and societal preservation to cooperation and renewal. 2Local started with a general characterization of successfull situations that we envision in our society. Those events are put on a row of colored circles,you can see the figure below. In each occasion,we refer to the future of 2local system,which described above and below the circles.


Core values of 2Local project are develop by turning competitive self-interest into cooperative bridging,facilitated by a 2local cashback system. The next inward facing circle(purple-yellow) lead to our vision. 2Local vision is inspired by cultural relativism,moving away from preservative closed groups in favor of synergy and symbiosis for everyone. 2Local is going to achieve this by asking people for only a small amount of money to participate. The red-green circle delivers our mission. 2Local’s mission aims to realize reciprocal solidarity by transforming competition into cooperative bonding in 2local communities,facilitated by 2local crypto currencies. The inner circle(blueorange) furnishes our strategy. 2Local strategy breaks from the norm,leveraging blockchain technology to work toward innovative renewal. This is summarized in the figure below, reordered by competition versus cooperation and preservation versus renewal.This figure shows the first four circles as problems and the last four circles as solutions,which 2Local hope to achieve through the transformation process.

L2L Token

Through the sale of L2L tokens, proceeds become available and are stored in a deposit Foundation 2local keeps a reserve of L2L tokens and fiat money to keep the price of L2L steady climbing. Algorithm is monitoring the price of L2L. In principle it will sell L2L price rise to steep and will buy L2L when it price falls.


2local stands for the following business objectives:
  1. Becoming a Non-Profit foundation for L2L tokens.
  2. Profits are then distributed among the participants in the cashback system. Developing cashback, backed by an algorithm, with an associated website and app.
  3. Creating a website marketing where supply and demand for sustainable products meet.


2local has the following marketing objectives:
  1. Tailor the operation of the token, app and website as much as possible to the needs of participants and the market.
  2. Reach as many IEO investors, sustainable companies and consumers as possible and get them involved.
  3. Build up 2local image of sustainability and prosperity for everyone.
  4. Put 2local community on the map. Generate awareness of the 2local brand.

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