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PIXBY – Blockchain Powered Freelance Marketplace!

About the project

Since the freelancers market is increasing from year to year, the team of specialists offered a unique solution to all existing problems. Namely, to organize an accessible platform within which users will find a reliable and easy-to-use interface, where not only data, but also money earned in the course of performing their professional services will be transferred in the safest way. Called the resource will be – PIXBY. In addition to the mundane similarities with traditional platforms, PIXBY has a number of features and advantages, thanks to which the freelancer will be able to increase the speed of processing financial transactions. At the same time to reduce the Commission costs, which are very common in such payment services as PayPal.

Peculiar properties

If we talk about *PIXBY * more specifically, this project is a decentralized application DAPP, in which anyone can get shelter for their professional skills, and find a suitable candidate to perform the desired work. The convenience of this service will also include maximum protection against all kinds of hacker attacks and scams, which will reduce various types of data theft or funds from your personal account. Moreover, the policy PIXBY is built in such a way that all transactions are carried out directly between the parties to the transaction, which eliminates the presence of a large number of intermediaries and related other structures. This method greatly helps to save both time and extra funds, both for the employer and for the freelancer.


However, in addition to the above features and other features PIXBY it has a number of other advantages which we will talk about. First, since PIXBY is a blockchain (that is, a decentralized environment), users can participate in it absolutely from all over the world. That makes it unlimited and not tied to any particular country or geographical location. Secondly, the distribution Ledger itself transparently records all transactions, which favorably affects the overall confidence of the participants of the system, as well as all their further actions. And, thirdly, absolutely all transactions are recorded by means of a smart contract, which means that it will be extremely difficult for you to violate or avoid the prescribed conditions.
According to the developers, all this will contribute to the creation of new economic opportunities, as well as the full acceptance of the obvious advantages of a decentralized network over centralized platforms. Moreover the principle of PIXBY so easy that you just need to do a few simple actions: for example, download PIXBY to enter all your data, connect the internal wallet system PIXBY and all. You are registered!


As for the information about the internal token system, it will be presented in the form of Pixbytoken (PXB). The token itself is a seamless transaction in the shortest possible time with unlimited scale of application. It is also worth noting that the *PXB * token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and has the ERC-20 standard, which makes it accessible and quite compatible with other crypto-wallets that support this standard. All in all, for the development of PIXBY project will include a supply of tokens, the total number 150 million, with an initial value 1 PXB in 0,000625 ETH. At the same time, there will be three stages of sales, each of which will have its advantages and pleasant bonuses.


Concluding his modest review, I want to once again draw your attention to the fact that the world of human services has long ceased to be something limited and tied to a particular place or employer. Today you have a unique chance to work remotely from any corner of our planet, and to do it PIXBY will be even twice as pleasant. After all, its entire structure is aimed at supporting and protecting your rights, within a large decentralized community. Where each separate function is sharpened under faultless quality of performance of the actions.
But, in order not to be too much unfounded, I suggest you see it for yourself. And for this you will need the main resources of the project, which describes in more detail the entire structure and concept.
Hope you this will be helpful, and on this perhaps all. See you soon and all the best!

The official resources of the project PIXBY:

 Author: KanekiKov
 My ETH: 0xACE2d47039C296a158e6EE1827300e6B098B9B0B

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