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CannaCor and Blockchain Corporation - Cannabis and Supply Chain Management Life Cycle

CannaCor and Blockchain Corporation have joined forces to become world leaders in the research, cultivation, processing and distribution of cannabis, as well as the introduction of blockchain technology for the cannabis life cycle and supply chain management. They seek to lead, legitimize, and shape the future of the industry by creating the world's most reliable blockchain-based cannabis company. This venture includes the creation of a unique aquaponics growing and manufacturing enterprise in Lesotho for supply to the global market. This document contains detailed information on the contribution of both parties to this venture, including the Initial Coin Offer (ICO), and how this will affect their performance.
The Blockchain Corporation team is committed to solving problems in the medical cannabis industry and focusing on implementing real solutions to ensure stable crop growth of excellent quality and quantity. It aims to simplify the life cycle of cannabis cultivation and provide accurate supply chain solutions to improve product traceability. Blockchain will do this by positioning itself as one of the first to introduce and implement a combination of Blockchain and Hyperledger technologies to manage the medical life cycle of medical cannabis production and the supply chain. Key areas of focus are crop lifecycle management and supply chain management.
Blockchain believes that by using all the useful aspects of the Hyperledger Fabric, the tracking process will not only be transparent, but it will also have all the qualities that will make it the best tracking technology. Hyperledger is most suitable for operations due to the flexibility offered. The transition from anonymity to complete transparency and easy tracking is ideal for this project.
The whole process is divided into different phases :
Stage 1 - Production Lifecycle Management
Through the use of the Hyperledger blockchain, we can be sure of transparency in tracing and tracing cannabis plants. The entire production life cycle begins with the submission of data to the blockchain. The first phase of the process will cover production and packaging.
Stage 2 - Supply Chain Management
Once the packaged goods are ready to be sent to end users (in this case, retailers), they advance further by scanning the QR code and other quality checks. All of this will be updated in Hyper Manager as soon as the process begins. The final part of this stage is when the packaged goods arrive at the appropriate stores for future use.
  • Coin CannaCor created on the Ethereum network.
  • CannaCor cryptocurrency is sold to the public through an ICO.
  • The funds raised during the ICO will be used to build an object for the cultivation and development of the blockchain and its applications.
  • Coins will be distributed to participants within 30 days after the ICO.
  • The following currencies are accepted for the purchase of Cannacor Coin: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP).
- Consensus
Transactions must be written to the register in the order in which they occur, even if they may be between different sets of participants in the network. For this to happen, the transaction order must be established and a method must be established to reject erroneous transactions that were inserted into the ledger by mistake or maliciously
CannaCor will take all the steps necessary to build a cannabis plant in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Requirements for quality, safety and efficacy will be taken into account when growing, collecting and primary processing cannabis plants intended for medical use, or when preparing non-sterile cannabis medicines.
Medicinal hemp includes:
Cannabis materials
Cannabis preparations
Finished cannabis products.
Blockchain Track and Trace Features
The blockchain ensures maximum transparency of a decentralized data record and provides security, transparency, the ability to verify and invariability of platform records.
Cannabis cultivation cycle management
The blockchain and applications will be used to coordinate the actions necessary for the reception of raw materials, product production, quality control, packaging for shipment and delivery schedules. Our goal is to measure and record the quality of our products, output and labor productivity, to ensure that the company creates products that meet quality standards.
Chain management
Cannabis supply chain Supply chain management is the management of the entire production flow of CannaCor products - from planting seeds to delivering the final product to the consumer. To accomplish this task, CannaCor will create a network of processes that moves the product from raw material suppliers to organizations that deal directly with users.
Regulation and Compliance Management
Regulators need detailed information about the business of the medical cannabis cultivator: where the product comes from, the results of testing, a certain amount of production, and distribution. Our goal is to create supporting processes for monitoring information throughout the supply chain and ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.
Hyperledger Fabric Smart contracts are written in the form of a chain and are called by an application external to the blockchain when this application should interact with the ledger. In most cases, the chain code interacts only with the component of the general ledger database, the state of the world (for example, requesting it), and not with the transaction log. Chain code can be implemented in several programming languages. Go and Node are currently supported.
Coin CannaCor is an ERC20 coin created on the Ethereum blockchain. CannaCor decided to use Ethereum because it has already been accepted by the masses and allows the CannaCor coin to participate in major events. Ethereum is a fast, decentralized and unchanging blockchain. CannaCor will strive for mass adoption in the medical cannabis sector by offering solutions that solve cross-border transaction problems. We strive to offer solutions for the lack of banking and payment services for legal entities involved in hemp.
The CannaCor coin is an Ethereum blockchain based ERC20. ERC20 is an official protocol offering improvements to the Ethereum network (ETH), and it can be understood as a standard for coins created on the Ethereum blockchain. The ERC20 coin standard makes it easy to exchange one ERC20 coin for another, as well as integrate various ERC20 coins into platforms such as blockchain wallets and exchanges, and much more.
Information token
  • Code: CANO
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Price before sale: 1 CANO = 0.06 USD
  • IEO Price: 1 CANO = 0.12 USD
  • Accept: ETH, BTC, XRP
  • Soft hat: $ 1,500,000
  • Hard cap: $ 112.3 million
Coin distribution
78%: coin sale
07%: CannaCor team
07%: Blockchain Corporation Team
05%: strategic partnership
03%: Bounty and Airdrop
Distribution of funds
30%: growing
30%: technology and core
08%: marketing and business
05%: admin
12%: liquidity on exchanges
05%: legal
05%: exchange fee
05%: commissions and fees
Cannacor team
Hugo: CEO
Peter-Yan: CFO
Peter: COO
Toby Legal Counsel
Recommendations: HR
Yang: Technical Advisor
Seabata: Security
Frick: Master Gardener
Blockchain Corp.
Gerhard: Founder
Logan: Software Engineer
Ankur: Technical Advisor
Day: Technical Advisor
Willy: Improvement Advisor
Sergey: Blockchain and Software Advisor
Adeniji: Advisor
Deepanshu: Advisor
Peter Chris Nabida: Advisor
For even more accurate information, follow the link below :
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