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Co-DEX - a decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrency that uses an innovative system

Co-DEX  platform


Co-DEX is a decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrency, built on pioneering security infrastructure and using innovative systems. Co-DEX is an exchange made by the community for the community. Therefore Co-DEX is the first exchange to implement a no-fee policy for transactions. The user must bear the transaction costs of the validator who registers the action with a minor and / or blockchain. You can experience direct peer-to-peer transactions without the security risk of trusting third parties, so you always have full control over your assets.

Cosmos network based on Co-DEX is an IBC protocol (cross block communication) to use, so that the various chain blocks in the protocol all tokens can be exchanged smoothly for you. Co-DEX is Vanguard’s infrastructure-based and innovative security system using passwords for distributed money trading platforms.

Co-DEX is a community for people to create exchanged co-DEX is an agreement for the fee that is not the first exchange will be. The user to block the chain works to register party mining and / or block the chain on the task of registering a validator through the necessary actions.

The three characters who are reliable and become hackers like the risks without direct P2P transactions to be there at any time when assets from perfectly stored and controlled can be yours.

Users want to de-centralize transactions to become on the stock exchange. Additional costs do not do, transparency, security guarantees. Co-DEX is still only ERC-20 support. But then Co-DEX is a chain block and the chain block by cross trader is a token, regardless of the agreement you can. This cryptocurrency ecosystem more efficiently enabled users can help you.

Co-DEX is COSMOS Network developing innovative features, the technology used. This is another unrelated feature and automatic transaction support alerts are supported. In addition, the user collects money or assets to secure his own wallet in the ability to carry out. This wallet is by default a private key, set the device in so that the user’s property and private key associated with funding can be more convenient and fully archived.

Co-DEX is Vanguard’s security architecture based on an established balancing-type trading platform. This society to the public to promote the stock exchange “transaction for the cost of 0 (Zero)” policy that implements confidence. Co-DEX is a community of ideas and reflected expectations and community needs and increasingly responds and adapts to goals for. The Co-DEX feedback community is everyone’s core element of the valuable opinion of The Experience. Co-DEX is IDO’s (Initial DEX Offering) step from the Community Connection step of the organization’s events, rewards, program gifts, and fixed air drops.

Co-DEX is the decentralization of the infrastructure of structured potential in the world and provides through the Community to cross the functional chain of interaction acting leverage that can help support.

Why does Co-DE have to choose one?
  • Direct P2P transactions
  • 3 parties not involved
  • Complete transparency
  • High security
  • additional costs No.
  • Community based on a platform
  • agreement for the cost of the Policy No.
  • fast and safe
  • de-centered the screen.
  • IBC is mutually operating Puri platform (Cosmos Network) based
  • community based events

Co-DEX sees the entire crypto market as an expression of the needs, concerns and hopes of every individual that includes community ideas.

When Co-DEX emerged, it prospered and mirrored all ideas presented by the community and its members. Feedback is the key word, and speed, openness, and problem solving are key principles. At Co-DEX we value every input and welcome all visitors to improve our services and platforms.

No fees are our strong belief! We are part of the community, and by the community we realize this goal for the community! Co-DEX provides free of charge other than gas or transaction costs needed to validate transactions on the blockchain.

COD1 Token:
  • Token name – Co-DEX
  • Token symbol – COD1
  • Total supply – 250,000,000 COD1
  • Token type – ERC-20
  • The initial value of the token – 0.05 USDT
  • Token Decimals – 18
COD1 Token Contribution:
  • Token Name: COD1
  • Hard Cap: equivalent to 5,000,000 USD in ETH / BTC / ATOM
  • Token Value: 1 COD1 = 0.05 USD
  • Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, ATOM
  • My contribution: 0.1 ETH
  • Personal Contributions: TBA
  • Beginning of IDO: Q4 2019
  • Expires: After 30 Days or Hard Cap is reached

Distribution and allocation of tokens:

  • 40%: Contribution Token
  • 25%: Team & Advisor
  • 10%: Marketing
  • 10%: AirDrop & Bounty
  • 15%: CoDEX advice

Our Project Strategies and Plans
  • Q1 2019
Create Co-DEX Funding and form a development Team
  • Q2 2019
Form an Advisory board, Site development
  • Q3 2019
Site launch, Social media launch and communication channels
  • Q3 2019
Start Personal Contributions
  • Q3 2019
Alpha testing of platforms
  • Q4 2019
Platform beta testing
  • Q4 2019
Launch of a decentralized exchange platform
  • Q4 2019
Launch of COD1 IDO
  • Q4 2019
Hosting other IDOs
  • Q1 2020
Implementation of various blockchain tokens and currencies through the interoperability feature created by COSMOS
  • Q2 2020
Development of our CO-DEX Wallet
  • Q3 2020
Launch of CO-DEX Wallet, making compatibility features with platforms

  • Mihai Condurache: Mihai Condurache Alone
  • Arturo parrillo: Arturo parrilloCommunication Coordinator
  • Larven crossing: Larven crossing Developers
  • Kail Lee: Kail LeePenView
  • Alessio Vincenzo Fallica: Alessio Vincenzo Fallica Advisor
  • Mark Westerweel: Mark Westerweel Project Advisor-Advisor
For clearer and more accurate information, please visit the official link below:
Meine ETH: 0xACE2d47039C296a158e6EE1827300e6B098B9B0B

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