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CrypCore Review Project

Crypcore Is A Stable, Private, Fast And Secure Digital Asset Built For The Modern Digital World. Crypcore is a dynamic stable coin, the price of crypcore will change from time to time based on market conditions, unlike traditional stable coins crypcore will not be pegged. The crypcore ecosystem is organized in a way that prevents wild swings in the price of Crypcore.
How does Crypcore work? 
Crypcore is forked from Monero which is built on the cryptographically secure and truly anonymous Cryptonote protocol, the Crypcore ecosystem brings together a solvency equation, a pure crypto exchange and the Cryptonote protocol to create a coin which has a stable price with price stability achieved by averaging the collateral increase with price fluctuations. To this effect Crypcore is a stable coin which operates in a fundamentally different way to traditional stable coins, we will call it a Dynamic Stable Coin (DSC). 
Crypcore will earn collateral from the fees charged on the Crypcore exchange, these fees will be added to the collateral of the Crypcore coin thus always increasing the collateral and maintaining the stability of the Crypcore Price. Crypcore is not to be viewed as traditional crypto currency stable coin but rather a new and innovative approach to achieving price stability in the crypto currency space.
What is the purpose of Crypcore? 
Stable coins were created to solve the problem of volatility as crypto currency adoption has been bottlenecked around price stability. Stable coins have performed well since joining the crypto currency space but there are still a lot of improvements to be made. Particularly in the area of crypto collateralized coins. 
This paper explores the possibility of creating a crypto collateralized stable coin that combines pure crypto exchanges, a solvency system and the Cryptonote protocol. Crypcore is all about creating a crypto asset that enforces a solvency system which eliminates wild price swings, while giving Crypcore the chance to grow. Crypcore is essentially the combination of a crypto collateralized digital asset with a solvency system to ensure price stability.
Crypcore Exchange 
Crypcore exchange will play a very important role in managing the price of Crypcore. To do this Crypcore Exchange will have to do things in an unconventional manner. A very simple solvency equation will determine the pricing of Cryps. 
In normal stable coins the tokens are issued by the primary organization but Crypcore exchange will not be able to create tokens, rather each coin is mined. This is because the privacy and security of our users are of utmost importance. In order for Cryps to hold their value the initial money supply is mined and held by the Crypcore exchange. The Cryps held by the exchange will not be regarded as being in circulation.
The Crypcore Blockchain 
The Crypcore blockchain consists of the Cryptonote protocol and the block explorer. The characteristics of the Crypcore blockchain are:
  • Low transaction Fees 
  • High Speed 
  • Decentralized 
  • Secure 
The technical details of the Crypcore blockchain are as follows :
  • Hash Algorithm : Cryptonight 
  • Difficulty : retarget after every block based on the last 720 blocks. 
  • Block time : 120 seconds 
  • Mining Reward : Confirmation Fees 
  • Block Size : Dynamic 
  • Supply : 1000005592.186044415 
  • Divisibility : Divisible by 9 
  • Website : https://crypcore.com 
  • Block Explorer : https://crypcore.info
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