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SimpleSwap is a fast and secure transition service that provides crypto currencies in the world.


SimpleSwap is a cryptocurrency exchange and a planned network of services whose mission is to provide solutions to the key issues currently faced by the cryptocurrency industry at large.
These problems include excessive reliance on centralized systems, lack of simplicity and transparency, limited user anonymity, and others. Running contrary to what cryptocurrency is and should be about, these issues need to be ironed out for a meaningful chance of mass adoption of a decentralized economy of digital assets.
By identifying these principal issues and targeting them with simple, efficient solutions, SimpleSwap hopes to make the everyday use of cryptocurrencies available to anyone, anywhere.
SimpleSwap has  developed a new generation system that allows you to trade as many subcoin as you want without any liquidity shortage and reliably by following very simple steps. When you want to buy a token or sell it, you will be able to make your  transactions  through SimpleSwap without any technical knowledge. I will talk about the steps of the process to open the process a little more.
  1. From the SimpleSwap  menu, you select the currencies you want to trade.
  2. After the swap process, you enter your wallet address where you want the money to be deposited.
  3. You send the currency you wish to send to the specified address for a trade.
  4. Your new currencies or tokens you want to receive are automatically deposited to your address specified in the second step after the transactions are approved.

SimpleSwap solutions

With cryptocurrency industry’s ubiquitous problems being widely reported, they are becoming known even to those looking from the outside. It is not hard to see what issues need to be resolved, but the market still lacks straightforward solutions.
SimpleSwap aims to rectify this with its innovative exchange and a planned ecosystem of services. Below, we provide an outline of the most pressing problems and SimpleSwap’s fixes to them.

Reliance on complex, centralized systems

  • The decentralization of cryptocurrencies is their obvious, inherent and most important advantage. It removes the single point of failure, making the overall system vastly more resistant to external attacks or internal failures.
  • Despite that, the majority of fiat-to-crypto gateways are paradoxically reliant on centralized, overly complex systems of asset custody and transaction processing. That introduces a number of problems which are, in fact, avoidable.
  • Firstly, storing customers’ assets on a centralized exchange introduces a single, highly lucrative — and as such tempting — target for the would-be attackers. Real-world experience shows that hackers are eager to take advantage of this, resulting in massive losses every year.

Unresponsive customer service

Cryptocurrency industry as a whole and crypto exchanges with it are growing at a rapid pace — averaging out at several hundred percent yearly. This runaway growth is associated with major pains for the users, due to the exchanges’ inability to meet adequate customer service standards

Limited coin listings

Intentional and unintentional barriers to entry are a major problem for new cryptocurrencies that have not yet established themselves, as well as for the people who are looking to invest or trade in them.
In order to list a new coin, a cryptocurrency exchange needs to implement a whole range of necessary measures, including but not limited to: ensuring adequate compliance with know your customer and anti-money-laundering regulations of its local jurisdiction, the storage and trading codebase, security risk mitigation, and any other that are warranted by the exchange’s specific policies.

We provide to our users

  1. 300+ Supported Coins. 
    SimpleSwap supports more cryptocurrencies than any other instant exchange, providing the largest amount of trading pairs available for an exchange.
  2. The best rates. 
    SimpleSwap have integrations with over 40 different exchanges, which enables us to provide our customers the largest amount of coins to exchange.
  3. We never store your funds. 
    SimpleSwap is a non-custodial service and doesn’t store your funds. All exchanges are executed automatically.
  4. 24/7 Customer Service. 
    Real-time support is available 24/7 to deal with all queries and questions.
  5. Affiliate Program. 
    SimpleSwap provides one of the most profitable affiliate programs on the market sharing 90% of the revenue with the affiliates.

Lack of anonymity

The right to privacy is one of the basic tenets of cryptocurrency. At a time when the concept of personal privacy is being eroded by both government and private entities, decentralized currencies uniquely allow for anonymous transactions between individuals across the globe. 
However, that doesn’t mean anything when in order to obtain cryptocurrencies a user is required to unmask themselves via the mandatory process of registration and surrender their personal ID and data to an untransparent and unaccountable entity that is the average crypto exchange.
SimpleSwap believes that the right to user privacy should be of paramount importance. As such, it has zero requirements for registration and fund storage. In addition, SimpleSwap has no AML/KYC measures of its own — only those of some of its exchange network partners.
Customers are not required to submit any of their private data by default. In those exceptions when they are, SimpleSwap guarantees that they will be able to cancel the trade and get their money back before any personal data is submitted.

Lack of simplicity

Probably one of the strongest barriers to the adoption of cryptocurrencies by laypeople is the complexity associated with buying them. Multiple-step registration, complicated know your customer procedures, convoluted interfaces designed without the needs of a newbie customer in mind are all factors that deter new people from participating in the decentralized asset economy.
When there are no simple-to-use, intuitive crypto onramps, people without professional knowledge in the sphere are much less likely to become a part of the ecosystem.


  1. Variety of coin swaps
     supports more than 300 coins available for exchange.
  2. 24 / 7 supportOur friendly and skilled support team will help you out when you need it.
  3. Reliable exchangersWe don’t have any mass system failures. 99% of the time SimpleSwap is ready to go.
  4. User-friendly interfaceWe make the process of cryptocurrency exchange easy and convenient for everyone.


SimpleSwap Coins will not be on crowdsale. But they are available for purchase for professional investors.
In order to prevent possible centralization of tokens in a single set of hands, the maximum investment threshold will be determined. Private sale will be available only to individuals and companies who have passed the KYC procedure.
We invite potential investors to pass the Investor Questionnaire. Based on the acquired data, we will compile a White List, consisting of persons allowed to invest.


  1. SWAP token
    SimpleSwap Coin
    (SWAP) is the one for the first tokens issued by an instant cryptocurrency exchange platform. SWAP will serve as an internal currency for SimpleSwap customers. As SimpleSwap grows fast, the tokens will be in great demand
  2. SWAP Utility Value
    SimpleSwap Coin
     token will serve as Loyalty Program and will give benefits for holders, such as cashback on exchanges, voting for currency listings, affiliate and bounty rewards, dedicated support and much more features to come.
  3. Exchange listing
     will be listed on trading platforms in October 2019. Until then tokens are only available as an exchange reward and as a bounty.


  1. Swap cryptocurrencies on SimpleSwap and receive SWAP tokens as a reward
  2. Participate in bounty campaign and get rewards in SWAP (starts on September 30)


  1. TOTAL SUPPLY: 100 000 000
  2. TO BE DISTRIBUTED: 8 000 000
  3. CONTRACTS: 0x163c649ac276c5fdcc27db30a1c1f070cb731c04
  • 4 000 000:
    Distributed during bounty

  • 4 000 000: 
    Distributed during airdrop
  • 2 000 000: 
    Reserved for bonuses for the team (4 years vesting with 12.5% release every 6 months)
  • 4 000 000: 
    Reserved for the development(in lockup for 6 months)
  • 2 000 000: 
    Reserved fund for risk prevention
  • 3 000 000: 
    Reserved for advisors
  • 75 000 000: 
    Reserved for Private investors (will be burning 12.5% every 6 months, if there will be no investor interest during that period)
  • 6 000 000: 
    Will be distributed during next 12 months — rewards, bounties and market making


  • APR 2018Launch
    100 Coins Supported
  • NOV 2018Public API
    Fixed Rate exchanges introduced
  • JAN 2018Affiliate Program Launched
    250+ Coins Supported
  • SEP 2019SWAP token Launched
  • OCT 2019
     Loyalty Program Launch
  • NOV 2019
     Listing on Major Exchanges
    More features for SWAP holders


At the moment, in addition to a very extensive list of coins available for exchange between each other, there is an opportunity for everyone to get some SWAP tokens for themselves, so that in the future they can be realized and make a profit. Here the principle works – I did more, I earned more.
However, it is worth considering that the quality of the work is higher, so if you try, you can get a very good amount as a result! Fortunately, this is now an opportunity to make money on the bounty and airdrop.
The platform is actively developing and reaching many partnerships , which gives reason to believe that subsequently at the auction, the SWAP token will show a good price.


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