Rabu, 23 Oktober 2019


The legal status of cryptocurrencies worldwide remains uncertain. Governments issue warnings to explain to their citizens the difference between actual currencies that are issued and regulated by the state and cryptocurrencies that are not official. Some jurisdictions have gone even further and have already imposed restrictions on investments in cryptocurrencies. Some prohibit all cryptocurrency-related activities, others impose indirect restrictions by prohibiting financial institutions within their borders from facilitating cryptocurrency-related transactions.
That is why the SwapZilla team has spent a significant amount of time and resources analyzing the legal status of the SwapZilla business model and SWZL tokens in the jurisdictions where we plan to operate. As a result of close cooperation with several leading law firms, we have established a parent company in Hong Kong (English common law). Cryptocurrencies in Hong Kong have the status of "virtual goods" and in some cases can be identified as financial security. We are also considering the possibility of opening a larger number of subsidiaries in other jurisdictions.
SWZL tokens are designed specifically for the SwapZilla trading platform. Swzl tokens are not securities.
Swzl tokens are marketed as a "digital product" similar to downloadable software, digital music, etc. we encourage users to take a responsible approach to purchasing SWZL tokens. We do not recommend purchasing swzl token to users who have no previous experience in crypto investing, or to users who are not familiar with the principles of blockchain technology.
Today is the beginning of a new economic era. The crypto market is growing day by day, but it lacks new products that will be able to provide comprehensive services, advanced trading tools, as well as the ability to effectively interact and exchange information and data.
SwapZilla is a unique infrastructure solution that creates value for each of our customers and partners. Through our platform, users will be able to access almost all crypto assets. Exchanges will be able to increase their customer base and get an additional source of income.
We want the user experience to be as comfortable as possible, so SwapZilla has the ability to configure your personal account and connect or disable various additional tools and modules. In addition, our platform is necessary for any exchange wishing to increase its customer base. We carry out all necessary KYC procedures to ensure exchanges with "clean customers". They will also receive a share of commissions from transactions without any associated costs.

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