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Thaler Crypto Foundation is the world’s first filter and platform.

What Is Thaler
Thaler is a bridge creator between our community and large investors. The idea of crypto mass education will lead our token to mass adoption.Thaler is a peer-to-peer digital currency that encourages growth within the blockchain technology community. It aims to strengthen the path towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrency technology through investments in unique innovations. Thaler is fully decentralized and by definition one of the most trustable Tokens on the market. Thaler Crypto Foundation is a blockchain ecosystem with built-in filters, functions and parameters that will help shape the foundation of our analysis regarding other blockchain projects.
Thaler Crypto Foundation :
This new concept is designed to support, guide and develop small, but engaging crypto projects by creating new collaborations/ partnerships between investors, business enthusiasts, IT engineers, crypto devotees, etc. that share the same commitment and passion for crypto. Moreover, we will be initiating brainstorm meetings, where all the team members can meet and promote their projects. Furthermore, we will organize events about blockchain technology, thus every participant is well aware of the latest updates.
Because we want to stay transparent with our community about what’s happening next, we are excited to announce some of our plans for the near future:
We will launch our exchange platform named Mone TAL Exchange:
There, you can trade various cryptocurrencies, stake (freeze) TAL tokens and receive rewards based on your holdings.
Also, the winning project decided by the community will be listed for free on MoneTal Exchange and the next two projects behind him will benefit a fee reduction of 50% .
Buy Back and Burn with Announcement:
After the IEO and Listing phase is finished, with every announcement posted by our team, we are going to buy back part of our tokens from the open market and burn them (this will increase the scarcity and will help the token price go up).
Stability and Payment method :
We want to build our own stable coin that can eliminate the risks of this volatile market, but also use it for daily purchases via NFC ( Near Field Communication), in this way you’ll use Thaler to make your daily grocery shopping.
We are developing a game on IOS/Android, where you can learn valuable information about blockchain technology and win some TAL on the way. To make the game more entertaining we will make monthly challenges and the number one player will receive various rewards.
If we are going to reach the soft cap, we are going to split 10 ETH for investors/ if we are going to reach hard cap — 100 ETH.
Charity :
If we are going to reach the soft cap, 1% of the funds raised will go to a charity chosen by the community / if we are going to reach the hard cap, 5% of the raised funds will go to charity.
Our goal here remains the same: mass adoption.
First, every crypto project submitted to our foundation has to pass through a safety verification system by Thaler . We want to stimulate their competitiveness, thus every project that is accepted will be listed and graded on the Thaler website according to their degree of activity (ex. Junior, Senior).
We will only encourage enterprising, dynamic and committed projects that maybe, someday, they will change the way that the Crypto World works!
Every accepted submission has an entry fee of minimum 1 Ethereum visible on a transparent/ common address, which, after a certain period, 90% will be allocated to the winning project, elected by vote, to help them hit the market. The remaining 10% will go to a charity organization picked by the winning project! There will also be a small fee of 100 (TAL) that will help the Thaler Foundation grow. Second, every team listed on the Thaler Website has the right to vote other projects but not for their own.
However, despite all these advantages, its structure is still developing and self-improving. This growth dynamics is formed as technology, society’s demands, as well as other spheres of influence that affect this area of technology in their projects grow. That is, if you now remember the days when the blockchain was born, with the world’s first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, it had a fairly narrow capabilities. Subsequently, over time, a new type of coins and another type of blockchain, faster and more easily scalable, and it is called Ethereum. Subsequently, there were many other blockchain networks, each of which is ready to demonstrate its distinctive features.
The Thaler team is suggesting the following voting criteria for all projects competing :
The stage that the project has reached. We are talking about actual facts and not concepts. Also, we are interested if the project was made, or not, for Blockchain. It must present a road map so we can retrace their steps or take a glance at their future plans.
Marketing ideas and strategies. This will show how much potential it will have on the market.
Security and trust –only reliable projects. The White Paper is compulsory
Originality and stability on the market.
Real value of the project in the crypto world.
We will gladly accept more proposals for the voting criteria from our collaborators.
Thaler can help create a bridge between Investors and small, but captivating projects that can improve the crypto space.
This exchange will have multiple functions as:
Trading platform
Stake/Freeze tokens and receive rewards based on your holdings (in our stable coin TALS)
Contests for traders (with daily, weekly and monthly TOP 10). This section is dedicated for traders only. There will be different tasks published and based on your trades the top10 traders will receive various rewards.
Cryptocurrency catalog providing data on market capitalization, current rates, graphs, and so on.
Smart investment corner . This module will be directly connected with Thaler Crypto Foundation and will help investors reach the projects that are implemented in our Foundation.
For this bounty we created something special for our community. We prepared various packages for our supportive members . To be validated as a participant in this bounty you need to invest a minimum of 5$ in our IEO and if you invest more than 50$, the bounty stakes will be doubled.
There are various spooky stories surrounding the number 13… But our team is celebrating them with these incredible investment packages:
Fairy package :
50$ invested in Thaler Crypto Foundation IEO — will have double stakes benefit from bounty
Wizard package:
100$ invested in Thaler Crypto Foundation IEO — will include a 125% stakes benefit from bounty and you will be automatically registered in the giveaway.
High Priestess package :
500$ invested in Thaler Crypto Foundation IEO — will include a 150% stakes benefit from bounty, you will be automatically registered in the giveaway and you can register one project in our Foundation.
Demon Lord package:
1000$ invested in Thaler Crypto Foundation IEO — will include a 200% stakes benefit from bounty, you will be automatically registered in the giveaway, you can register one project in our Foundation and you can propose the Charity Cause where we donate 1% from the found raised if we reach the soft cap and 5% if we reach the hard cap.
To celebrate that, we want to organize various contests for our community.
Telegram chat activity
This is the most fun and easy, if you are active — you are a winner!! We respect and love our active members and for that we want to reward you. All you need to do is to go on Thaler Group Chat and ask questions about the project, chat with the others members about Thaler and if you can, please suggest partnerships for the Foundation so we can help new promising projects to be seen easily.
Best project description
For this task we need your creativity and expectations for our project to be bounded. That’s why we want you to write a short or long description for our Foundation that you think is representative for this project.
Photo contest
To complete photo contest you need to upload a picture that can be related to our project to our gallery. Its mandatory that the photos are yours ( camera or photoshopped creations ) and includes Thaler logo.
Guess where we are and why we are here
In this contest you need to find our destination and the reason of our trip.
We took this photo in the morning.
Where are we going?
For these contests we allocated 5.000TAL that will be distributed in this order :
50%: Active members,
20%: Best project description,
15%: Photo content and
15%: Guess where we are.
Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) SCHEDULE :
Session 1:
Session Supply: 10.000.000 TAL
BTC market: 3,000,000 TAL
ETH market: 3,000,000 TAL
VD market: 1,000,000 TAL
USDT market: 3,000,000 TAL
Price: 0.05 USDT
Starting Time: October 13, 2019 10:00 UTC
Session 2:
Session Supply: 10.000.000 TAL
BTC market: 3,000,000 TAL
ETH market: 3,000,000 TAL
VD market: 1,000,000 TAL
USDT market: 3,000,000 TAL
Price: 0.07 USDT
Starting Time: October 16, 2019 10:00 UTC
Token info
Total supply : 350.000.000TAL
Circulating supply :180.000.000TAL
Blockchain : Ethereum
Contract address: 0x375a08ce3a460f20bbafd282be1e3579a2c31f41
Constantin Driu: CEO
Adrian Toma : Project manager
Diana Vatamanu: Social Media Promoter
Ferdinando Calia: Marketing Specialist
The advent of blockchain structures, as THALER not news. I once wrote about such a resource. Nevertheless, the emergence of this platform has a number of its features and advantages, thanks to which it is able to withstand the existing competition, as well as to declare its capabilities to everyone. But, of course, to appreciate this kaleidoscope of opportunities and prospects from THALER, you will not be enough from me to read a brief review. Since beyond it lies a whole storehouse of useful and very interesting information. You can get acquainted with it by going to the section “official resources of the project”. And on this I have all and until new reviews!

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