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2Ether will change the IEO market.

What is 2Ether?

2Ether is a new digital coin based on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike ERC20 tokens, it's a fully independent cryptocurrency – with its own blockchain, mining incentives, and so forth. It fully supports smart contracts written in Solidity and is compatible with Ethereum dApps. 

How 2Ether will change the IEO market

2Ether will launch a special platform for fast and very affordable IEOs. It will be integrated with the decentralized exchange, and the initial offering process itself will be automated and decentralized. The whole procedure will take just a few days. Since there will be no centralized exchange running the process, projects won't have to pay exorbitant fees to list their tokens.

Here are the key steps:

1) Registration:
founders need to enter detailed information about the project, its utility, tokenomics, jurisdiction, website, presentation (pitch deck), social media channels, and GitHub page; the token's smart contract must be provided, too;
2) Adding team members:
full names, short bios, links to Linkedin profiles and Twitter accounts;
3) Uploading documents:
White Paper, Technical Paper, one-pager, business plan, financial model;
4) Payment of the initial application fee (circa $100);
this fee is allocated to those users who conduct project verification. Further, the project creators need to stake a certain amount of ET2 (equivalent to circa $1000-2000, depending on the project complexity and IEO terms). This stake is released immediately after the IEO.
5) All the files and information become visible to the whole 2Ether community;
6) Members of the community conduct independent reviews of the provided materials and rate them.
Specially approved members audit the smart contract. Every rating gets its own hash, which is recorded on the blockchain. Ratings are treated as transactions where the amount sent is zero. Each user who leaves a rating is rewarded with ET2 tokens.
7) The total rating of the project is calculated.
Those projects that score above 1000 points (this number can be corrected in the future) are considered approved. If a particular project feature seems very suspicious, a user can set a red flag, calling upon other network members for further scrutiny. If a project is found to be fraudulent, it's rejected, even if it accumulates a high number of rating points.
8) The project receives a notification about the verification results.
The application fee is not refunded, even if the project is rejected.
9) Approved projects get access to the IEO dashboard, where they can customize their token offering.
It's possible to set the number of rounds, price of one token in each round, discounts or bonuses, accepted payment methods (ET2, ETH or both), number of tokens offered in each round, duration, start and end dates, token listing date, etc.
10) Based on the information provided,
the IEO fee is calculated according to a special formula. In general, the more funds a project aims to raise, the higher the fee. In any case, the total fee will be much lower than on centralized exchanges.
11) The IEO is registered in the system,
and information about it is published on the platform. The project can also choose to begin their IEO immediately and make it last for weeks or even months. It's even possible to set the token listing date within the period of the IEO. In this case, the token can be trade while the initial token sale is still active. Of course, this can mean additional risks for the project if the token's exchange price falls.
12) When the start date of the IEO comes,
the token will become available in the IEO section on the platform. All raised funds will accumulate in a special IEO wallet protected by the multisig technology. This means that while the IEO is running, the founders won't be able to run away with the money. The other private keys to the wallet will be allocated to a number of high-rated network members. The number will be high enough to exclude collusion with the founders.
13) At the end of each IEO round,
the raised funds will be released from the wallet (once the necessary signatures are collected). The remaining part of the fee is deducted from the total amount. This fee, too, is distributed among the users who run verification and full nodes. A part of the fee is transferred to the 2Ether development fund.
14) The funds are transferred to the project's wallet.
The process is repeated in the subsequent rounds. If the project decides to organize an additional fundraiser down the line (for example, several months later), it won't have to submit all the initial info again. But it will be required to provide proof of progress (an MVP or anything that has been done since the last IEO round).

Fitur inovatif

2Ether menyediakan launchpad berbiaya rendah yang nyaman untuk startup yang menjanjikan dan memberikan penghargaan kepada semua pengguna yang menguntungkan jaringan.
Nyata untuk digunakan dalam bisnis dunia nyata
Kunci strategi pasar 2Ether adalah pembangunan kemitraan dengan gateway pembayaran kripto global dan regional dan bisnis online - toko eCommerce, platform permainan, situs crowdfunding, dan sebagainya.
Audit gratis kontrak pintar
Untuk proyek yang sedang menyiapkan IEO, audit kontrak pintar adalah langkah penting. Kirim audit kepada calon investor untuk dana mereka aman. Sayangnya, agensi blockchain Memerlukan biaya besar untuk audit kontrak - dan tidak selalu memberikan hasil yang dapat diandalkan.
Otomatisasi penuh IEO
Initial exchange offerings have replaced ICOs as the preferred way of fundraising. Unfortunately, it was quickly turned into an industry. Major exchanges charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch an IEO – and don't provide any guarantee of success.
2Ether DEX
We've designed 2EtherDEX to have the best of both worlds. It offers fully automated on-chain order execution and bullet-proof protection against hacker attacks.

2EtherDEX – take your decentralized trading to a new level
Unlike on centralized exchanges, on 2EtherDEX you never risk losing your money. At the same time, you get solid liquidity, fast order matching, and a range of analytical tools.
You can choose from 3 blockchains: Ethereum, EOS, and TRON, easily trading any token issued in these networks. No listing fees and no trading fees except for the standard blockchain network fee.

2Ether Wallet

We've designed a wallet that you will want to use every day. It's light, fast, and simple enough even for newbies –
yet it includes all the features and security you'd expect from an advanced wallet.
2Ether wallet features a full cross-platform synchronization and an intuitive design. All common operations require no more than three taps or clicks. You can store and convert ET2, BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, and hundreds of other tokens and coins. In the upcoming 2.0 release, we will introduce a built-in QR code scanner and user avatars for even more user-friendly contact lists.
  • Integration with the decentralized exchange
  • Contact lists
  • One-click payments with a QR code
  • Fiat conversions
  • Full ERC20 support

Bounty campaign

You don't have to be a miner to obtain ET2 coins – all you need to do is join our pre-launch bounty campaign.
We have tasks for everyone – you decide how many tokens you want to earn.
2Ether generously rewards everyone who helps to spread the word about our project. To maximize your bounty, you can create original content about 2Ether, including video reviews on YouTube, articles, and blogs. As long as your content is unique, relevant, and hasn't been published anywhere else, you're guaranteed a good bounty. Alternatively, you can simply share our news and tweets or write short posts about 2Ether on Facebook and Twitter. To join our bounty, click on the Join Now button below. It will take you to our bounty thread with full campaign terms.

Project Timeline

We don't promise anything we can't deliver.
Our short-term roadmap includes only those features that are easy to build and will benefit the whole community.
Q2 2019
Formation of the team & ideation
Q3 2019
Fork planning & coding
Q4 2019
Network launch & bounty campaign
Q1 2020
Launch of the decentralized
Q2 2020
2Ether Wallet 2.0
release & gateway integrations
Q3 2020
Introduction of crowdsourced
smart contract audit
Q4 2020
Implementation of the
IEO platform and first IEOs
Q1 2021
AI algorithm for contract audit
is ready
Q2 2021
AI-based contract audit
and IEO evaluation

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