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Liquiditex - a decentralized platform designed not only for fast, high-quality and safest exchange of all types of clients

Every day, each of us strives to realize himself and his full potential in one direction or another. Some seek their development in the arts, some in engineering, some in technology, and some in Finance. But in fact it does not matter which of the areas you have chosen for your own implementation, it is only important that there are all the necessary tools for this?!

Since my blog is dedicated to modern technologies, namely the crypto market and blockchain technology, this is what I will talk to you about in this article.


As practice shows, many participants in the cryptocurrency industry are faced with a very frequent and common problem associated primarily with the liquidity of certain coins, as well as with an extremely low security system of their funds. I think it's no secret that in the history of Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency exchanges and other coins, people lost a huge amount of money in the course of thefts. That's billions of dollars around the world. Of course, to make amends for this fact is unlikely to succeed. However, many experts who see a huge prospect in this direction seek to resolve the issue with the security of their exchange platforms in order to demonstrate the true benefit of the entire crypto-currency direction.

It is about this platform that I want to tell you today and it is called-Liquiditex.

About the project

As you have already guessed, Liquiditex is a decentralized platform designed not only for fast, high-quality, but also the most secure exchange of funds of any type of client. After all, for this purpose, the entire Liquiditex platform was created, where each participant of the system will be able to qualitatively use all the existing functions and tools of the crypto-currency market in the name of their good goals.

Naturally, to achieve the maximum benefit, the founders of Liquiditex had to work hard to achieve high performance in the three most basic components of cryptocurrency exchange. Showing us a decent level of security, transaction processing speed, as well as an ever-evolving mechanism to provide liquidity on its cryptocurrency exchange.

Peculiar properties

As I said, the main goal of Liquiditex is to provide high-quality services to its users, while demonstrating tools such as: trading grid, copying strategies from the most successful traders, social trading, instant exchange, trading spot and much more. At the same time, the list of supported coins will be regularly expanded, which means that with each coin the user will have more chances to exchange a digital asset.


Of course, many of you will think: "That liquiditex platform is not much different from many of its kind." However, in your place, I would not rush to conclusions too quickly, as Liquiditex has something to surprise you.
  1. Firstly, as I have already mentioned, Liquiditex system will be adapted to any type of client, opening up limitless possibilities for using all available functionality and interface of Liquiditex network, both in the web version of the platform, and in mobile applications IOS and Android systems.
  2. Secondly, Liquiditex has its own built-in customer ranking system called (Shell), therefore, with this tool it is able to use all the loyalty tools for its customer with maximum accuracy and efficiency;
  3. Thirdly, Shell is a cumulative system in which each individual user has a chance to get some reward for their useful action;
  4. FOURTH, the user has the opportunity to exchange the accumulated Shell's in the system for any other benefits and prerogatives from Liquiditex, which means to take advantage of the most favorable conditions.
To add to this list of advantages, multilingual technical support of users is in a hurry, as a result of which participants will receive the highest quality assistance in their native and accessible language.

Since Liquiditex is an exchange platform, As a so-called gas, it intends to use its internal token system called LEX. The token itself will be developed according to the standard Ethereum Blockchain Protocol. With a limited number of one hundred million LEX coins. Of these, only fifteen million will be available for private sales. The rest of the coins will be reserved for the founders, allocated for marketing, initial bidding and as much as 20% of the coins will be subject to booking.

Thus, the founders intend to increase the liquidity of their coins, which means not to let them fly far down after the launch. Which I think is a very good decision.


Summing up a certain result of his article, I would like to note the high level of preparation of the project. It can be seen that the developers tried to adapt their entire concept to the maximum, to solve all the urgent problems of the crypto-currency world. And I think they did it, given that the user really needs high-quality and highly effective tools to conduct their activities.

However, to consider Liquiditex in more detail, you will be extremely short of my words, so I invite you to go to the next block of my article, which contains all the official resources of the Liquiditex project.

The official resources of the project Liquiditex:


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